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SAS introduces self-service analytics in Malaysia

AvantiKumar | Feb. 27, 2013
SAS Visual Analytics is a low barrier of entry to business analytics, says SAS.

SAS Visual Analytics Launch

Photo - Queenie Wong (right), Practice Lead for Information Management and High-Performance Analytics for SAS Malaysia together with Damian Lim (left), Senior Consultant for Information Management, Sales Support for SAS Malaysia during the recent SAS Visual Analytics launch in Malaysia.


Business analytics provider SAS has announced the availability of a new self-service analytics solution in Malaysia called Visual Analytics, which offers a low barrier of entry to analytics, it said.

SAS Malaysia managing director Andrew Tan said Malaysian businesses and organisations could now benefit from a combination of analytics, quick setup, "and a comprehensive yet intuitive self-service analytics model."

"SAS Visual Analytics is a 'game changer' for Malaysian businesses as it enables business users to quickly derive key insights from vast amounts of data running through their business in an instant," said Tan.

"With Visual Analytics, executives now have access to advanced analytics tools such as correlation, regression and forecasting without needing any prior coding-related knowledge," he said. "In fact, the auto-charting feature is even capable of automatically choosing the right analytics or reports based on the data provided in order to yield the most relevant insights from them."

"This [solution] will change the decision-making process dramatically as executives are able to make data driven decisions faster than ever before," said Tan. "Any business that is competing in a hyper-competitive industry like banking, insurance, retail, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), telecommunications and manufacturing will need analytics at its fingertips to survive and thrive."

"A telco could predict the future growth in its broadband network, thereby helping it to plan its capex [capital expenditure] investments as the demand grows," said Tan. "Marketers can predict the likely outcome of their marketing campaigns, enabling them to focus only on campaigns that produce the highest responses, and bankers and insurers can study fraudulent patterns and proactively design measures to catch fraudsters before they even commit a crime, saving them millions."

"In another scenario, law-enforcement agencies can analyse real-time data of criminal activities, identify patterns in criminal activities and predict crime before it happens. This would significantly increase law enforcement agencies' effectiveness and also speed of response," he said.

Asia Pacific analytics sector

Tan said that analyst firm IDC projected that the 'big data' industry in Asia Pacific would reach US$1.76 billion by 2016, "SAS believes that there is significant demand for big data analytics in the Malaysian market."

SAS has secured three clients for its Visual Analytics solution during 2012, including a major bank, a major telco and a major local conglomerate. "Other customers worldwide which have started to uncover business insights with SAS Visual Analytics are XL Group, SM Marketing Convergence Inc., the Internal Revenue Service, Hong Kong Efficiency Unit and Cosmos Bank."

Tan said analytics technologies should be made available at different price points and for all data sizes. "Together with the quick, intuitive and user-friendly interface, SAS Visual Analytics is the perfect starting point for companies still uncertain as to how they can best leverage big data to powerfully drive business growth. This option allows companies to start small, quickly yield results then scale up their investments based on real returns on investment."


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