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Shadow Warrior 2 preview: More guns, more players, more dick jokes

Hayden Dingman | July 7, 2015
Every time I see a Shadow Warrior demo, I know there are going to be jokes of a, uh...phallic nature. I mean, the main character's last name is Wang, and the developers over at Flying Wild Hog are about as mature about it as you'd expect. Which is to say not mature at all.

Unfortunately I can't really know the answer to any of those questions without getting my hands on the game or--better yet--playing through it start to finish. It's going to be a bit of wait, with Devolver aiming this at an early 2016 release. That's probably a smart call since the last game got lost somewhere in the fall release rush.

I'm excited, though. Shadow Warrior blew past all my expectations with both the quality of its action and its Big Trouble in Little China -esque plot. It's safe to say I'd take another serving of Wang.


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