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Singapore to enhance public health care delivery with desktop virtualisation

Ike Suarez | March 28, 2014
Initiative is believed to be a first in the ASEAN

Singapore is adding desktop virtualisation to its toolkit for enhanced delivery of public health care services.

The public health care initiative-believed to be the first in the ASEAN-announced in a press statement jointly issued by the Integrated Heath Information Sytems (IHiS) and Citrix Systems Inc.

IHiS and Citrix have entered into an agreement with regard to this initiative.

The former, the Singapore Health Ministry's IT arm, designs and manages IT systems in all Singapore public hospitals, national specialty centres and polyclinics that support over 30,000 staff.

Citrix Systems Inc. is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based IT vendor whose products include solutions for virtualisation.

Quick Access and Sharing

The statement said the technology  will enable health care staff to more quickly access and share patient information across locations and institutions in a secure manner that safeguards the privacy of patients' data.

It described  desktop virtualisation as a software technology that separates the applications and data from the personal computers of medical staff, storing the information in a central database instead of PCs.

The central data centre will be highly secured to give protection against intrusion and loss of patients' data.

The statement said that with virtualisation, doctors and staff will be able to retrieve patient data, enter or review treatment orders in the Electronic Medical Records System  from any computer, as they move beyond their offices and hospitals to other locations to provide timely patient care.

The technology will also prepare doctors and staff for the future when they shall be able to access and share the data through mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Likewise, it will facilitate team-based care for improved patient outcomes, as staff can more easily and quickly collaborate online on treatment of patients, across specializations and regional health systems.

Under the agreement, Citrix Xen Desktop will deliver virtual applications and desktops for particular public health care institutions for five years.

It will also provide training, examination certification for personnel of HIS and its affiliates along with technical support.



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