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Singlecue Gen 2 review: This gesture-recognition device nearly provoked our own rude gestures

Don Reisinger | Dec. 12, 2016
Controlling your TV, lighting, thermostat and other devices with a wave of your hand sounds like fun. It's not.

There were some evenings where Singlecue was working as advertised until I activated a lighting scene that dimmed the lights. Singlecue would then stop responding to my gestures because the room was now too dark. I also discovered that Singlecue has difficulty analyzing depth, which led to frustration during my testing.

To turn Singlecue off, you put your index finger to your lips as if you’re saying “shush.” But there were many times when I was moving my finger from left to right, Singlecue would perceive my finger as being close to my face and mistake my movement for the shut-down command and turn itself off. Granted, that didn’t happen all the time, but it happened enough to be a nuisance and make me think twice about my hand placement.

Should you buy one?

As sophisticated as Singlecue can be as a universal remote, it’s priced at just US$149. But after using the device, I’ve concluded that a universal remote is a far better tool than Singlecue. When Singlecue can recognize your hand, it can pull off some impressive tricks you’ll want to show your friends and family. But as time goes by and the novelty wears off, you’ll become less and less tolerant of its shortcomings. It got in the way of my entertainment instead of making it easier to enjoy. Try it for yourself, but make sure the place you buy it from has a good return policy.


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