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Software, cloud to propel video conferencing: LifeSize

Yogesh Gupta | Aug. 21, 2013
Andreas Wienold, International Vice President,LifeSize talked about the emergence of new business models like Video as a service and Cloud which will further drive the video market.

Video conferencing since long has appealed to the organizations to cut travel costs, enhance connectivity and increase employee productivity. The industry is in midst of Unified Communications, Networking, Cloud and the presence of video is ubiquitous. A provider of HD video communication LifeSize Communications too is optimistic of the big opportunity. Andreas Wienold, International Vice President,LifeSize spokeabout the emergence of new business models like Video as a service and Cloud which will further drive the video market.

As a decade old 'video communications' company, what will keep you ahead of the much established competitors?
Video today is obvious and everywhere. As a number three player who builds innovative applications , we compete nicely in the fast changing 'video communications' market. Few competitors understand cusomer needs and implement video as business tool for enterprises.

LifeSize has developed full portfolio itself except the key acquisition of Mirial. Everybody else acquired core components where end point companies acquired infrastructure companies and infrastructure companies which bought end point companies. We had the luxury and the pain to execute our innovation and hence the flexibility offers different deployments as per customers' business needs. As a relatively new player, we offer video on a cloud and the customers can leverage our video solutions as software through MSPs. One can also run LifeSize UVC on Amazon.

Video conferencing has not evolved as a mainstream technology across Indian enterprises. Why?
Video communication applications over past two decades did not move fast as the vendors continue to work hard to propel this market. There is evolution in UC space as Microsoft today gets more traction for Lync than the industry expected at large. And there is the huge war to introduce the next generation UC by different vendors. Vendors continue to build a commercial model to position video as an application and emerge successful in the market. The popularity of 4G will propel 'video as a service' as a packaged part of overall mobility solution.

Will video predominantly continue to be part of the UC project for CIOs?
We — the video industry —often combine video with UC (Unified Communications) project. Customers do not always see the benefit of video in these complex projects and they often opt for the lowest common denominator. If large enterprises hold their UC investments that might delay video sales. As only few video focused companies, we win more stand alone video projects.

Most competitors take a backpack to a customer that includes a pitch of their products in networking and UC than just video. Being the newest company in our space, we are most interoperable with other technologies. LifeSize do not have the load to sell other technology solutions and remain solely focused on the visual communications needs of a company.


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