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Software Testing is Essential Business

Pooja Tiwari | Dec. 22, 2010
The business of software testing and why you should consider it. More often.

Computerworld Singapore was granted an interview recently with Ritendra Banerjee, Senior Vice President at Maveric Systems Limited, a firm devoted to software testing across global platforms. He gave us a rundown of the independent software testing markethow much it is worth, where the pockets of greater adoption are, and why enterprises are not taking their digital resources and assets for granted and are starting to take software testing far more seriously today than in the past.

Please tell us about Maveric Systems and what its plans are for this part of the world.
Maveric Systems is a ten-year-young, global, independent software testing, and assurance firm, collocated out of the US, UK, GCC [Greater China], India, and ASEAN. Over the years, Maveric has built cutting edge expertise, further honed through its collaboration with leading academic institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology, amongst others, in implementing model-based approaches to testing core systems for Banks and Financial Institutions. A flagship IP of Maveric for Test Design called Testac, is now propelling us to explore other verticals for business, such as government, telecom, healthcare, and pharma, as well.

The Asia strategy for Maveric significantly rides emerging country and business trends, namely greater enforcement of compliance by central banks, deregulation of the banking and financial institution sectors, as well as pan-regional ambition of key players who are committed to expanding across ASEAN, into super-regional entities.

Our Asia strategy also reflects an urge on the part of local businesses to leverage social movements, such as preference for Islamic products, as well as cross-leverage of global experiences, such as those in the GCC countries, and others.

Through Maverics office in Kuala Lumpur, the first orbit of our growth has been focused in bringing our expertise to markets of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In just over a year, we have been able to successfully initiate and complete work on testing business critical systems for a UK-based, Singapore-headquartered pan-Asia insurance vendor, the largest full service commercial bank in Indonesia, a top private bank in Kuala Lumpur, and a top global gank across the region, amongst others.

Analysts and industry watchers, such as IDC, Frost & Sullivan and Deloitte, have time and again testified to the Maveric story. This is further embodied in a high percentage of repeat business, and customer satisfaction.

How big is the independent software testing market in Asia?
The global software testing market is expected to be of value around US$56 billion by 2013. This growth will require 30,000 professionals globally, in addition to existing capacities.

While the bulk of the market is expected to be based in the US and Europe, Asia is expected to realise the fastest growth rate, vis-à-vis other markets. My own guesstimate is that Asia will corner close to ten percent of the global market, with a CAGR exceeding 30 to 35 percent.


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