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Software Testing is Essential Business

Pooja Tiwari | Dec. 22, 2010
The business of software testing and why you should consider it. More often.

Traditionally, we do see significant investments that have gone into independent testing within large global banks that are based out of the region. For example, one such bank had invested over ten calendar years of effort globally, including Asia. However the case for independent testing, through outsourced vendors is a relatively newer phenomenon; unlike the global bank where independence was operative between the testing and development teams, within the enterprise.

Regional competition for Maveric include large global SIs, product companies offering core platforms for banks, and financial institutions that have their own dedicated testing teams, and niche service providers. It is a healthy proposition to have the best in business compete with each other in a space which is growing, and offers a pie for everyone in the fray. However, the larger challenge is to compete for the testing dollar, vis-à-vis, say, a HR process re-engineering dollar, or an organisation restructuring dollar, especially given flat budget scenarios worldwide, including Asia.

How important is software testing for an organisation?
Software testing is integral to the enterprise today. As every business becomes a software business just look at the number of lines of code in a car today, vis-à-vis ten years back….it has grown by over a lakh [100,000] times!the importance of testing is there for all to see.

Part of this realisation also has to do with the Titanics that we have seen in recent past, thanks to software failure driving business failure, such as: a leading global airline issuing Paris-San Francisco tickets for US$20, and consequential business losses thereof; the crash of a leading e-commerce site resulting in loss of business opportunities to transact; the ATM outage of a key Asian bank for hours, and so on.

Software testing is becoming integral to business strategy, in a way that it is able to assure business enterprises, create business continuity, and help avoid, minimise business failure.

At which phase of the software implementation process does Maveric normally come in?
It depends, based on the situation. From playing an integral part to beta testing core platforms even before they hit the market commercially, to cases where a client wants to implement a core and seeks Maverics expertise, even at the requirements stage, down the cycle, guaranteeing user acceptance testing, production and going live.

In a nutshell, over time, we have started building capability to work with clients in helping them secure a budget for testing upstream through consulting, all the way to offering user support downstream.

Needless to say, Maverics role, also gets to be influenced by the type of implementation methodology that a client pursues, namely, waterfall or agile; the presence of other vendors, if any; and, the roles that they could complement Maverics presence with, as well.


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