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Supernova, a link between employees’ learning and business objectives: Kartik Mohla

Sejuti Das | June 28, 2016
Kartik Mohla, founder of InspireOne Technologies, spoke about how his company is using Watson’s sentiment analysis and natural language classifier APIs to analyze employees’ corporate mails and deliver insights and feedbacks for refining its own leadership capabilities.

IBM has collaborated with the Haryana-based developer partner InspireOne Technologies to bring cognitive solutions to the Indian market. The company is using IBM's Watson cognitive APIs in its professional development application to empower employees to develop their leadership skills.

Kartik Mohla, founder of InspireOne Technologies, spoke about how the company is using Watson's sentiment analysis and natural language classifier APIs to analyze employees' corporate mails and deliver insights and feedbacks. This can help the employees refine their own leadership capabilities and identify areas for development.

How are you leveraging Watson's application program interface within your organization?

We, at InspireOne, are using IBM Watson's API in our professional development application called Supernova. It is an interactive, online tool that we have developed in-house to help our employees in applying their learnings on the job and improve their skills, via proper feedback. Employees at our organization can now capture how they applied their knowledge post a training program, a coaching session or any other learning sessions.

It basically acts as a link between the employees' learning objectives and their business objectives. It continuously scans employees' corporate emails and provides results and insights on their leadership capabilities, based on how they deal with situations over mails.

For example, an employee who does not demonstrate her knowledge and skills frequently will receive specific pointers and feedbacks to improve her capabilities. The application platform delivers proper results based on the learnings by the Watson's sentiment analysis and natural learning classifier APIs. The application will let managers know if they are not involving their subordinates in the decision-making process by telling them to ask more questions and be more collaborative to generate ideas from the employees under them.

How have you dealt with your legacy system while deploying Watson?

It has been almost 15 months that we are associated with IBM's Watson API, and it was always important to us that the user part of the implementation is smoother than the technology part. Legacy wasn't a big challenge for us, as Supernova has been created as an application platform. In terms of users or employees there were two value propositions-one is analyzing employees' corporate emails and other is evaluating employees on the basis of a real life situation given to them.

While analyzing their emails, there isn't any additional work that an employee had to do. The application scans their corporate emails regularly and provides insights on the basis of their responses and replies. On the other hand, if an organization wants to analyze their employees on the basis of a real life situation given to them on the application, the employees have to answer a few questions either by choosing answers from the predefined set of inputs or can create or respond in their own languages. In either of the cases the organization can get clear evidence for each response to say what skill has been displayed by the employee and to what level.


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