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Supernova, a link between employees’ learning and business objectives: Kartik Mohla

Sejuti Das | June 28, 2016
Kartik Mohla, founder of InspireOne Technologies, spoke about how his company is using Watson’s sentiment analysis and natural language classifier APIs to analyze employees’ corporate mails and deliver insights and feedbacks for refining its own leadership capabilities.

Therefore we call it a very granular level feedback, which is extremely personal to an individual depending on the responses they typed in. The integration became smooth because the value proposition to users became much more enhanced rather than forcing them to create action plans, which they usually struggle to identify and update.

How has Watson changed your company's strategy, productivity and efficiency?

We believe that our business process has been basically enhanced or complimented with the implementation of Watson. Therefore we have decided that we will continue to have Watson as an element in all our learning and development solutions. With Watson based Supernova solution we are adding further value to our clients and our employees. Supernova helps in equipping our employees with enough real life situations through which they can constantly get real and dynamic feedback, which helps them in improving on those behavioral lines.

We have a comprehensive team that includes data scientists, machine learning experts as well as behavioral experts who understand the underlying behavior of employees. It is a cross functional team that continuously improves and updates the training data fed into Watson to ensure that we get the best possible accuracy. It's extremely important to ensure that between a groups of employees, each of them has her own style of writing and communication, and therefore there is a constant requirement of feeding updated data in the software. Our team works continuously to calibrate the data set used to train Watson, and it's definitely an ongoing development. Currently, we manage to extract 70 percent accuracy from the application online.

Where do you see yourself with the Watson APIs in future?

With 14,000 clients worldwide, our future right now still hinges on offering tools and solutions within the leadership development segment. We aim to help companies extract more value from a leadership development point of view.

As we have worked in the leadership segment, and excelled it thoroughly, our next objective would be to extend the level of capabilities of Watson to our sales training tool, customer service solutions, and productivity solutions. For example we would like to work on some tools and solutions with Watson that can help a sales person in analyzing conversations and identify to what level he probed the customer while pitching a product. That would be the next evolution, but I believe that is long way to go.

Source: Computerworld India


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