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Team Computers: Intelligent Business

Anup Varier and Yogesh Gupta | Nov. 19, 2013
The Delhi-based SI has done one thing consistently over the past 25 years: Innovate and change.

Team Computers celebrated its silver jubilee last year. But, the Delhi-based SI does not intend to slow down anytime soon. What was conceived as a small 10-member organization is now a systems integration behemoth aiming to hit Rs 300 crore this fiscal.

Ranjan Chopra, chairman and MD of Team Computers is optimistic about its growth. "Staying ahead of the tech curve has been our strength from the time we started on a break fix services model," he says. For Team Computers, big data and analytics is a resounding success as it has executed more than 300 projects across various verticals. Its slant towards BI and its success in this domain has opened up massive opportunities in big data.

But, how does Team foresee the potential in upcoming technologies? The answer lies in its team's long years experience. The management team's research and experience helps decide when to venture into new technologies at the right time. "The time a technology takes and stays mainstream, TAM, up scaling manpower, etcetera, are few important considerations before we take the plunge into a new technology," says Chopra. For, being a promoter driven company, it is imperative for the company to have a futuristic horizon from an investment perspective.

In the last few years, the focus at Team Computers has been to enhance the consulting layer to the list of services. "The end-customers are fine with hardware, software, and BI, but they need better performance out of IT infrastructures," says Chopra. Team Computers was amongst the first to deploy Google Cloud and it has embraced mobility in a big way. It believes mobility, big data and analytics, and cloud are clear trends across companies in India. "We have managed to do well in the last five years and managed to retain profitability by focusing more on activities around project management and business consulting," he says.

Tightening Cash Flow
For Chopra, three laws of finance have been valid and, according to him, will stay so in the future too. "I believe in 'Top line is vanity, bottom line is sanity, but cash is the only reality'," he says. Chopra and his finance team monitor a daily balance sheet—an initiative introduced five years ago. "Without this daily cash flow check, we do not move ahead on any transaction. This is very important for any channel business," he says.

With such strong beliefs, Team has not faced financial trouble since it started operations. "Mid sized and big business organisations lose money due to less visibility, which can lead to a financial disaster," says Chopra. Team also ensures that it collects payments before it pays OEMs and distributors. To make all this happen like clockwork, it focuses on project management. "To ensure smooth flow of working capital, select customers and verify their credibility as good paymasters," says Chopra.


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