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The age of collaborative robots

Shermine Gotfredsen, General Manager, Southeast Asia & Oceania, Universal Robots | Dec. 19, 2016
The age of collaborative robots, presents the benefits of co-bots as tools to help ASEAN businesses increase productivity and efficiency in many business processes, thus helping to maintain their competitive edge.

They can be placed right next to human operators with no safety guarding, after the relevant risk assessments. For example, robots can be programmed to lift heavy components, while human workers can be assigned to oversee value-added tasks such as quality control or production planning.

Finally, much has been written about how the success of ASEAN economic integration largely depends on its labour market, and how it's able to improve the quality of life in the region, with the focus on developing its human capital and workforce skills in order to become more globally competitive. With co-bots, businesses can achieve a smooth and tailored process to meet the demands of the industry. Pairing workers with advanced technology, such as co-bots, can enhance business operations and facilitate smoother workflow in day-to-day operations. All this leads to a better workplace for humans, while enabling businesses to gain an edge in today's competitive world.

A win-win partnership

Co-bots present an attractive proposition: robots acting under human directives to take away some of the repetitive tasks. They are the task takers to their human task makers. With the robotics industry also building effective applications and solutions to meet the demand from various industries, the possibilities for businesses are endless, but the end in mind is the same - to optimise workflows, increase productivity, and drive down costs. All in all, a win-win scenario for the industry.


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