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The beauty of technology

John Mark V. Tuazon | Nov. 10, 2009
At the time when beauty and skin boutique Forever Flawless was still beginning its small operations, they handled their stream of information through a stand-alone program called Magnus POS, which effectively managed their minimal amount of data at that time.

With the implementation, Tinamisan says, they became literally a point and a click away from managing the voluminous amount of data that course through their network pipeline each day. "Most changes in the inventory and customer data happen in real time. So if a branch, for example, runs low on a certain material today, we are alerted immediately and are able to deliver the necessary products the next day," he proudly shares.

Operations are likewise functioning better now, Tinamisan recalls. "SAP allows for 24/7 accessibility, and changes can be done remotely," he says. "So if I'm out of the office but there are problems in the system, I can address it anywhere there's an Internet connection."

Since they are a cosmetics company, taking note of the customers' physical changes is one of their priorities. "The SAP solution enabled us to efficiently take photos of customers," Tinamisan narrates.


Aside from quicker transmission of data, Tinamisan reveals that the solution significantly broadened their company's bottom line by lessening the staff needed for manned operations and delivering critical information for important business decisions.

"We have less staff manning our back office now, although they were merely transferred than let go," he expounds, adding that their IT department, for instance, has only five employees taking care of everyday operations.

Other than having less human resource requirements, Tinamisan says Forever Flawless benefited from the SAP solution in determining its roadmap for future plans. "With faster generation of reports, we are able to know our revenue right away," he proudly says. "And acquiring accurate and timely information about which of our products are slow- or fast-moving is really helpful for marketing purposes."

But a common concern among CIOs and IT managers regarding application implementation these days is the return on their investment. "With our implementation, I'd say we got our ROI within a year's time," Tinamisan figures. This increase in revenue allowed their business to grow, with the faster processes allowing them to focus more on their core business, he adds.

With this positive return in mind, Tinamisan says their company is looking forward to improving more business processes in the future, which calls for acquiring several more applications. "We're definitely looking into acquiring more solutions, since the ERP is only phase one of our project," he explains. "The next phase would be the upgrading of our POS system, after which we will need to implement a system for our payroll management."


Despite all the benefits stemming from their new system, Tinamisan cautions companies who are thinking of streamlining their business processes. "They must first determine if the system is right for them, since not all solutions fit every kind of company," he explains, adding that it takes a few years before the full benefits of these implementations are realized.


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