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The best apps with custom Quick Settings tiles in Android Nougat

Derek Walter | Dec. 13, 2016
Android 7.0 lets developers add quick settings tiles, and Shazam, Todoist, and a whole host of others have jumped on board.

quick settings apps
Todoist and Wakey are two apps that make smart use of the Quick Settings feature.

My favorite among this batch is Wakey. It’s a simple but very useful app that allows you to keep your screen on in perpetuity until you deactivate this setting. Yes, you can change how long your screen stays on in settings, but if you use your Android device for presentations or work there are bound to be times when that auto-sleep gets annoying.

If you like to use VPN, then VPN by Private Internet Access may be a good option. This app’s quick tile will allow you to launch right into a new VPN session.

Unfortunately the only way to find out if an app supports this feature is through trial and error. Unless a developer calls this out in the release notes or makes a big splash about including this in an update, you’ll just have to head to the Quick Settings and discover it for yourself. Maybe Google will add some sort of icon or notice in Play Store listings in the future.

Apps we’d like to see jump aboard

The selection that we have here is a pretty good start, particularly if you’re a heavy user of these services. But there’s clearly potential for third-party developers to give this a go.

For example, Word could create a tile to start a new document or ESPN could add one to get updates from your favorite sports team. A weather app could grant you a tile to check your location or a favorite city. (There's a Weather Quick Settings Tile app that shows your current weather in quick settings.) The utility is going to vary upon the purpose of the app and whether or not it would be faster to place a tile in Quick Settings or go with an app shortcut.

app shortcuts
App shortcuts may still be the best alternative for many apps on your phone.

App quick settings are best for those situations where you'll want to jump right to a particular part of an app. To quickly start navigating home in maps, or create a new note in Keep. Quick Settings tiles are better for toggles that turn on or off a function you might want to enable without going into the app itself. For instance, setting your Nest thermostat to Away and back to normal is a good idea for Quick Settings (with the tile showing the current indoor temperature), while bumping the temperature up or down a couple degrees is probably better handled by an app shortcut.


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