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The best OneNote 2016 tips: 10 ways anyone can get organised

Lincoln Spector | Dec. 15, 2016
Make the most of this versatile tool by setting up pages, notebooks, and sections.

Sharing your notes

You can share your notebooks with co-workers and family members, but only if those notebooks are stored on OneDrive.

To share a notebook, select File > Share, then click Share with People. (Who else are you going to share it with? Goats?) Enter an email address in the Type a name or email address… field, select either Can edit or Can view, and write a message. For extra security, you should probably check Require user to sign in before accessing document.

After all that, click Share.


You can share notebooks with friends and co-workers.

The recipient will receive an email inviting them to share your information. A big button in the email will take them to your notebook’s webpage (yes, all of your OneDrive-stored notebooks are on the web—with a level of protection). The recipient can examine and work with your notes on the Internet. An option on the page will allow them to use their installed OneNote application instead.

The Windows version vs. mobile apps

Microsoft provides free OneNote apps for Android and iOS. As a tradeoff for being free, they can only access notebooks stored in OneDrive.

The Android version (I don’t currently have an iOS device) looks nothing like what you get in Windows. For one thing, it has a very vertical orientation. The app lists available notebooks at its starting screen. Tap one, and you get a list of sections and section groups. Tap one of those, and you get the pages. Tap a page, and you’ll probably find something worth reading.

android 1

The Android version of OneNote doesn’t look at all like the Windows version.

These apps have other limitations. You cannot move a page to another section or notebook. You can't even reorder them within a section.

On the other hand, you can send a page to the Android home screen. In the section’s list of pages, tap and slide down a page, and select Add to Home screen.

Whether on a PC or mobile device, OneNote is a powerful tool. Take some time to learn its tricks, and you won’t be disappointed.


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