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The conundrum of big data

Adelaide O'Brien | April 25, 2014
Panacea or problem?

And while participation in this project is, and should be voluntary, the article points out that the technology to monitor social media exists. At what point do we weigh the need to do more to prevent shootings on bases, in schools, and places of worship against the right of privacy? Another issue raised in this article is the appropriate action and timing for intervention. Tucker asks, "At what point does an intervention opportunity turn into prosecution of thought crime?"

The Durkheim Project is in early phases of illustrating that Big Data can better predict harmful behaviour. Perhaps answers to these provocative questions will be provided as this project matures, as Big Data is more than access to data and technology. IDC describes Big Data as a mix of talent, technology (hardware, software, and services) and processes to economically extract value from very large amounts of multi-structured data to support decision making at all levels - tactical, operational, and strategic.

Organisations that reach the optimised stage of Big Data maturity have enterprise wide documented strategies and policies in place, continuous training to enhance all the necessary expertise, and are culturally ready to use Big Data for decision making, with processes and policies that have appropriate support, staffing, technology, and funding.

This project looks like it's off to a good start. It will be interesting to monitor progress, developing policies, and results as the Durkheim Project maturates.

Source: Computerworld UK


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