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The Four P’s of Analytics

Gary Angel | June 28, 2016
Right now, the topics dominating discussion at the enterprise digital analytics table are four P’s: prioritization, personalisation, people and perspective.


Another topic that keeps coming up is voice of the customer (VoC) and the increasing challenges organizations face in hearing their customers accurately. Most organizations have been doing online intercept surveys for a while now. But changes in VoC practice are afoot.

It's becoming standard practice to realize that site intercept surveys are just one part of getting the VoC right. Call center, social media, usability testing, mobile and employee feedback are increasingly getting noticed, attended to and integrated into better and broader views of customer thinking. Still not fully understood, in my opinion, is how poor traditional survey techniques are as sampling instruments compared with online sampling. When you survey, getting a representative sample is everything. And while problems with online sampling are real, it's become nearly impossible to get decent samples with traditional phone or physical intercept methods. Watching the pollsters struggle to get predictions even remotely close to right in the 2016 election should get people to reflect on the likely accuracy of those offline survey instruments they're still relying on.

Right alongside the trend toward more VoC sources is an increasing recognition that there is more to customer attitudes than how they rate you. VoC is the most powerful tool in your kit for shaping big, strategic decisions around product, marketing and servicing. If you get over-focused on a single performance metric, you're largely missing the point.

You might think the increasing focus on big data has relegated traditional VoC to the scrap heap. Not a chance. You can't always infer what people think (and what made them decide) from what they did. Advanced analytics and big data champions are often the strongest proponents of having a deep understanding of VoC.

Staying focused on the customer perspective. Using that knowledge to make experiences more relevant and more personal. Keeping your analysts productive by managing ad hoc analytics and just flat out keeping your analysts. That's what's top of mind in digital analytics right now.

Unless, of course, it's omni-channel analytics, handling a multi-device world or making those mobile devices really perform for your business ... well, that's what's great about digital and digital analytics.

Source: Computerworld India 


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