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The International Baccalaureate taps on AI to detect emerging cyber threats

Adrian M. Reodique | June 21, 2017
The non-profit educational organisation deploys Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System technology into its network to better protect sensitive student information.

Non-profit educational organisation, the International Baccalaureate (IB), has deployed Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System technology into its network to detect emerging cyberthreats.

The move enables IB to better safeguard highly sensitive student information, including academic grades and medical data of more than a million individuals. These individuals are schooling at the 4,700 schools globally that work with IB.

The Enterprise Immune System technology is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to learn unique pattern for every device and user on a network. This enables it to spot subtle and stealthy attacks, even on complex networks.

"Deployed in under an hour, the AI platform started learning about our network instantaneously and impressed us with its ability to detect the early signs of emerging threats, or dormant vulnerabilities, that our other tools have no way of catching," said Richard Jenkins, head of Information Risk Management, Cyber Security and Governance at the IB..  

"In this new era of threat, human security teams are becoming overwhelmed by sophisticated, pernicious attacks. Rules-based defences will inevitably fail in the face of fast-evolving threats. While there is no silver bullet for cyber security, the IB's move to Darktrace's AI gives them an edge in this fierce cyber arms race," said Sanjay Aurora, managing director for Asia Pacific at Darktrace.

Besides IB, the United World College of Southeast Asia and BH Global are also relying on Darktrace to better protect their networks.


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