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The new collaboration portfolio

Divina Paredes | Sept. 26, 2014
CIOs talk about the shift from simple sharing of information to true collaboration – across multiple channels, organisations and locations.

When it comes to collaborating for innovation, we're collaborating with the likes of Google and Apple and looking at the payments space, some of the challenges there are quite unique. When it comes to collaborating with customers on social media, we are using sites that are familiar and chosen by our customers. Facebook would be a classic example. And then there are the good old fashioned project management tools where we put all of our shared documents on things like SharePoint. It has to be fit for purpose.

Monique Hooper, Flight Centre: We are dealing with collaboration within our multiple divisions. We now have got 1000 staff, so trying to communicate and talk to them in various ways, we use SharePoint. We're also trying to keep up with the demand of the various suppliers and implementing their systems into our environment so our consultants can consult with customers and not have to manually enter a lot of data. The big thing is how can we make our experience for our customers better, and the consultants' lives easier?

We have been on Google mail for three years now, and that has worked very well for us. We still think there's value in face-to-face meetings so we do travel a lot. We have a lot of global conferences. At the moment we are looking at Office 365 potentially not to change our email but for other parts of it.

How can we make our experience for our customers better, and the consultants' lives easier?

Monique Hooper, Flight Centre

The big thing for us is our new shop fit out, our 'shop of the future', for our 160 shops.

We are implementing PABX and Cisco into all of our branches. So it'll be a lot easier for our consultants to contact the office and vice versa and in transferring customers between stores which we can't do now.

The customer can choose who they want to deal with or if they want someone who speaks Spanish. It is a global decision and it will cover all of our business.

We will have triangle desks so you are sitting next to your customer rather than have a barrier. We are going to have a scribble mat, and have two screens. There will be a checkerboard at the front because at the moment we handwrite airfares that we change daily.

We will have a hot desk environment so the consultant can sit at any desk. There will be Wi-Fi at the main stores.

The business strategy around collaboration
Andries van der Westhuizen, Stevenson Group: We started to rebuild IT and consolidate everything about three or four years ago. Collaboration tools were almost non-existent then because the foundations were just not right. You have to solve the basics, so we had to build things, just linking everything together


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