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The new collaboration portfolio

Divina Paredes | Sept. 26, 2014
CIOs talk about the shift from simple sharing of information to true collaboration – across multiple channels, organisations and locations.

For me the power of collaboration is simple, it is about bringing people together and enabling them to work effectively. The amount of knowledge and expertise that exists within any organisation has no real value without the ability to access and leverage it. Finding and connecting with a subject matter expert and then engaging them with my customers and partners here in New Zealand is at the core of what collaboration delivers to me.

I work across multiple time zones, with distributed teams and subject matter experts. I have the ability to do this with HD voice and video from home, on the move or from the office. I can work from where ever it makes the most sense for me to do so and connect and collaborate regardless of location. It is the combination of business rules, process and technology that blend together to allow me to achieve this.

We're using social tools that allow us to identify experts -- not by their position within our organisational structure, but by their areas of specialty or connections. Much like you would find an expert in LinkedIn, people are rating them on their expertise on how they are sharing their knowledge. Through this social and organic process, we can connect with experts and communities throughout the organisation.

Outlook into the future
Craig Columbus, Russell McVeagh: Video is a huge part of the future for us. It's going to be, I think, much more pervasive than voice.

Chris Robb, ANZ Bank: On wearable devices, you are going to see a massive growth, and a challenge in that for organisations. Devices like the Pebble watch, and Apple Watch, will be interesting from an insurance point of view. You see people using multiple devices for multiple uses. People coming to work on the bus, they check their mobile phone for their balance. They are running down the street and they check their watch for something else. They get into the office and they go to their PC and do more complex transactions. The sooner you start investing in that, the faster you are going to get on that learning curve.

Dave Wilson, Cisco: Many organisations are struggling to understand, build and finance collaboration solutions. We need to make sure that we look beyond the technology and understand what we are really trying to achieve.

The important thing is to focus on the business outcome and that's where I think cloud is key. It can deliver collaboration as a service, allowing you to quickly achieve these outcomes within an infinity scalable mode. More importantly, it frees you to concentrate on your core business rather than focusing time and resource on building and managing IT platforms. You pay for what you need, when you need it and build inherent flexibility into your business model.


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