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The strange new world of hiring and employee tracking

Patrick Thibodeau | June 19, 2017
Cloud-based HR systems improving data collection, analytics.

This deeper measurement is also providing different approaches to hiring.

LinkedIn may be more important than resumes in understanding someone's strengths. Endorsements, especially if they are from experts in the speciality, may say a lot about a person's capabilities. Code competitions, for instance, may be more important than degrees,  Dussert said, when hiring a developer.

"I don't care if you went to MIT 10 years ago if you just won a Java code competition and you're top 10 in the world," he said.

Predictive analytics will play a growing role. Dussert said predictive analytics can help determine whether an employee is at risk of leaving the company. The system could analyse multiple variables, including performance rating, absenteeism and commuting time to work.

Algorithm-assisted decision making will also have a growing role in HR, but there are risks here since these systems could introduce bias into hiring.

These are new technologies and approaches enabled by social networks, big data and IoT. But it's hard to say how big of a change this will be for workers.

"The fact is we've all been measured at work for hundreds of years," said Bruce Flitcroft, the founder and CEO of IT infrastructure company Alliant Tech. "Now there's just hard data associated with it."


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