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Titanfall 2 review: Prepare for more mech-dropping, wall-running action

Hayden Dingman | Oct. 31, 2016
It's raining mechs, hallelujah

It’s not great, okay? It’s not. Titanfall 2’s campaign is a pastiche of other, better sci-fi—be it game, film, or book. It’s predictable to a fault, often generic, and the voice acting is hit-or-miss. But it makes for a decent night or two of dumb, mindless action with a friendly robot buddy. I’d say it’s worth playing through, if only to see some of the more creative ideas Respawn’s packed into the levels themselves.

Bottom line

I wish we’d gotten Titanfall 2 the first time around. The multiplayer is as unique as ever, and the addition of a singleplayer campaign (however brief) helps to pad out the game and give its best ideas more room to breathe. Not everything works—least of all the writing—but if nothing else Respawn proves it’s a studio willing to experiment, to push boundaries in a way Battlefield and Call of Duty largely stopped doing years ago. That makes Titanfall 2 interesting, despite its flaws.

Now cross your fingers people stick around this time.


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