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Tools we use: The best Mac apps for working remotely

Lex Friedman | June 28, 2013
The Yahoos of the world may be eliminating telecommuting, but the fact is, working from home is easier than ever. I work from home myself, so I'm clearly biased, but many companies find that home-based workers are more productive than their office-based brethren. Here are the Mac apps and web-based tools I use to make working from home work.

CloudApp and Swing
"Hey, look at this." That's easy to say in an office, when you can call your colleague over to your desk. It's considerably harder from 3,000 miles away--unless you rely on one of these quick sharing services. Both Orangutango's $8 Swing and Linebreak's $45 per year CloudApp offer services that automatically upload screenshots you snap, or any files you drag onto their menu-bar icons, and put the URL to share those uploads right onto your clipboard for pasting.

It's quick and painless, and makes it very easy to share files without fuss. I use those services many times every workday.

Dropbox has released a beta version of its own app that does this sort of instant sharing for screenshots you take, and of course Dropbox is an important part of any collaborative, remote workflow too. If Dropbox emulates both features--not just the automatic screenshot sharing, but the ability to drag files to share onto its menu-bar icon--I might abandon the other two apps just to cut down on how much is in my menu bar.

Staying connected while staying at home
Working from home doesn't have to mean working alone. Staying connected to coworkers at your faraway office is simple--if you pick the right apps.


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