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Top 10 emerging technologies from the World Economic Forum

Sharon Gaudin | June 29, 2016
Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, driverless cars, next-gen batteries are on the cusp of changing the world,

Jeff Kagan, an independent industry analyst, called the list interesting, but questioned how soon the technologies could be applied in the real world.

“Whether any of these will be leading technologies going forward is the real question,” he said. “I would say many, if not most of these ideas will continue to be in the developmental stages at best, for the next several years… Bottom line, the entire world is in transition.”

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) were viewed as one of the most intriguing emerging technologies.

“This has the ability to change nearly every factor of our lives, from transportation to education to efficiently running cities to improving healthcare,” said Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy.

He added that he was surprised that virtual and augmented reality did not make the list.

“They should be on the list because they signify an entirely new interaction model for compute devices,” Moorhead said. “We are at a tipping point with augmented reality and virtual reality, as we now know what needs to be done. What we don't need to do is more research to figure out the next steps in development to take.”

Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research, said he’s excited about artificial intelligence, but he’s particularly eager to see how autonomous vehicles play out in the next few years.

“I'm very pleased with the arrival of autonomous vehicles because I'm 66,” he added. “If I live longer than I can drive, this would be very important to me. They’re already on the streets in Palo Alto, [Calif.]. It's looking amazingly soon, like five to 10 years… Think of Uber without the drivers.”


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