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Top 5 Data Centre Predictions for APAC in 2017

Clement Goh, Managing Director at Equinix South Asia | Dec. 19, 2016
In Singapore, the co-location market is set to enjoy a 9% year-to-year growth over the next year, reaching a massing S$1.56 billion by 2020.

To prevent this, more enterprises will deploy in an interconnected fabric - residing in carrier neutral facilities to create a central nervous system that connects all aspects of the digital business and activities. This will facilitate the shift from a system centric to user centric approach, while the public Internet will add to the security and latency issues imposed by the challenges connecting various elements between the user and the cloud.

4.    Security becomes more vital

The changing paradigm of security will spur innovation with new features and solutions developed to provide stronger security and confidence for those within the multi-cloud space. Direct connect services for example, will help to establish private network connections that bypass the public Internet.

However, as hybrid cloud becomes more popular, customers will realize that it does not provide all encompassing security solutions - only securing the cloud infrastructure and customers will have to own the security of their applications and data within the multi-cloud environment. In this case, the interconnected fabric will provide customers with the choice of moving from point security solutions to the flexibility of buying Security-as-a-Service with benefits such as speed of implementation, ease of set-up and maintenance, real-time protection.

5.    Age of Interconnected Commerce

According to our study: Interconnected Commerce: A Revolution in Value Creation, the universe of interconnected commerce and payments providers will create new opportunities for the integration of payments, commerce, data, and marketing, enabling new solutions and partnerships around the globe.

However, while the potential of interconnected commerce is powerful, without a central hub to manage the network, the result would be chaos. The right central hub and standard protocols could create a world-changing network of commerce enablement that, linked with the payments infrastructure, could redefine global commerce for the 21st century.


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