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Top 7 Technology Predictions for 2017: Immersive technologies, IoT officers and a self-healing future

Amit Midha, President, APJ Commercial, Dell EMC | Dec. 21, 2016
The last couple of years have been tumultuous to say the least. All industries, sectors and businesses are transforming. Expect even more disruption to come down the pike.

Expect the attack perimeter to widen this year and encroach upon other areas of the business beyond the IT network.  Understanding that it's not just your data that needs to be protected, but also items like your HVAC infrastructure, is going to be a critical awakening for businesses going forward. In fact, Asia Pacific's 'Cyber Five' - Singapore, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Japan - appear nine times more vulnerable to cyberattack than other Asian economies according to Deloitte's 2016 Asia-Pacific Defense Outlook.

Prediction 4: Life in high-definition

This isn't the generation who settles for second-best. Why not? Because we've gotten used to progress at 100mph. R&D teams are constantly working-up a sweat to surprise and delight their customers. And just when people thought 5K resolution would supplant 4K as the next industry standard, rumors of large displays with double the resolution are starting to circulate.

In 2017, people's experiences of living in technicolor will be upgraded further, until the real-world will look dim in comparison.

Prediction 5: Chief IoT Officer

Business chiefs are popping-up all over the place. Chief Digital Officers were all the rage but now there's a new kid on the block, in the shape of the Chief IoT Officer.

Why do we need them? Because companies will experience mounting pressure to bridge the gap between operations and IT. In fact, IDC research suggests that by 2020, one quarter of the C-level business executives in Asian companies will have spent at least 3 years of their career in a technology leadership role.

In a bid to improve ROI and efficiency, the Chief IoT Officer will work with everyone from facilities and plant managers to CIOs and CEOs.

They'll be the change agents, responsible for pulling their firms into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a world which will pulse to the rhythm of nearly nine billion connected devices across Asia Pacific by 2020.

Prediction 6: Prevention is better than a cure

Any doctor will tell you that prevention is better than a cure. And now, thanks to machine learning, we can tell when a piece of technology is about to break before it does, and address the issue quickly. With self-healing technology, companies can deploy talent on more strategic IT projects vs. spending time on break/fix services. Cloud-based analytics platforms will provide near real-time intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities to proactively monitor, manage, and provide device health.  

IDC predicts by 2020, nearly 20% of operational processes will be self-healing and self-learning. This represents far fewer fires to put out.

Prediction 7: Machines and their crystal balls                                                             


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