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Top software failures of 2015/2016

Christina Mercer | June 28, 2016
Missing payments, double-charged customers and delayed stealth fighter jets all resulted from software glitches this year

10. F-35 detects targets incorrectly

Top software failures 2015: F-35 detects targets incorrectly
© iStock/Tzahiv

In March 2015 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircrafts fell victim to a serious glitch, a software bug meant that the aircraft could not detect targets correctly. The sensors on the plane couldn't tell the difference between a singular or multiple threats. 

11. UK government delays new online farming payments system

Top software failures 2015: UK government delays new online farming payments system
© iStock/double vision

In March 2015 the government was forced to delay launch of its £154 million rural payments system, a new online service for farmers to use to apply for Common Agricultural Policy payments from the EU. The service was originally supposed to be up and running by May 2015 but integration problems between the portal and the rules engine software proved 'too difficult to overcome' by then, ComputerworldUK understands. It is now expected to be available for the 2016 deadline instead.

12. Co-op Food charges customers twice

Top software failures 2015: Co-op Food charges customers twice
© Co-op

A 'one-off technical glitch' with processing software caused thousands of The Co-operative Food customers to be charged twice while paying for goods in July 2015. The Co-op apologised and promised to reimburse people within 24 hours.

13. Enjoyed those? Here are some from last year

Enjoyed those? Here are some from last year

If the 2015 top software failures left you wanting more, don't worry! Here are the top 2014 software failures...

14. Amazon 1p price glitch

Top software failures 2014: Amazon 1p price glitch
© iStock/killerbayer

Just two weeks before Christmas, some of Amazon's third-party retailers in the UK saw their wares reduced to just 1p each thanks to an hour-long pricing software glitch. Eagle-eyed shoppers had a field day, but scores of small businesses were left having to absorb heavy losses. It is still unclear what compensation, if any, they will receive from Amazon. 

15. UK airspace closed

Top software failures 2014: UK airspace closed
© iStock/anyaberkut.

Over 150 flights from London airports were cancelled and hundreds more delayed on 12 December last year. A server in Swanwick running the UK's National Air Traffic Services (NATS) flight data processing system went down as a result of a software flaw. NATS has experienced a number of technical failures since the Swanwick base opened. Worryingly, software experts have warned its systems could collapse again.

16. Toyota Prius recalled over software glitch

Top software failures 2014: Toyota Prius recalled over software glitch
© iStock/code6d


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