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Trick or Treat? Not all bots are evil

Akamai | Oct. 27, 2016
For once, good bots help drive more customers to businesses’ site and therefore increase revenue.

Automated web traffic - bots - can make several thousand requests per second, putting a strain on your websites' performance. Nearly all online businesses can be impacted by various types of bot traffic. This traffic may include scrapers that grab content or price information, automated "clicks" that fraudulently increase ad revenues and "transactional" bots that can be used to purchase limited availability goods and services, making them unavailable to legitimate customers. In fact, they contribute 40 to 60 percent of an online retailer's website.

Most see bots as attackers but the truth is, not all bots are evil. For one, good bots help drive more customers to businesses' sites and therefore increase revenue. As such, businesses need to not only identify the type of bot activity they are experiencing, but also provide a variety of techniques to most effectively respond to different types of bot traffic beyond just blocking all bots.

Don't play whack-a-bot, learn how to manage-a-bot instead. Here's how you can do so:



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