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Using mobile tracking to understand shoppers’ habits: AdNear

Nurdianah Md Nur | Feb. 13, 2014
Enterprises in Singapore can leverage insights from location data to share relevant content with targeted consumers within a geofence.

Shoppers in Chinatown spent a longer time shopping in that area than in other popular shopping districts in Singapore during the Chinese New Year weekend, according to AdNear's recent study.

The Singapore-based big data company generates consumer insight through the real-time detection of audience geolocation and analysis of audience location data, without capturing personally identifiable information. After which, AdNear uses the location data to drive advertising targeting across mobile devices.

Using AdNear's location data technology, the company tracked 4,676 Singapore-based mobile users in Chinatown, Marina Bay Sands and Orchard Road from 31 January to 2 February 2014.

During the Chinese New Year weekend, shoppers in Chinatown spent the most time shopping  (2.4 hours per day) as compared to shoppers in Marina Bay Sands (1.43 hours per day) and Orchard road (1.72 hours per day).   

The study also revealed that while Orchard Road was the most preferred shopping location (80 percent), the number of shoppers returning to Orchard Road more than once decreased by 16 percent. In contrast, repeat visitors to Chinatown were found to have doubled during that weekend.

This study exemplifies the value that big data can bring to the enterprise. For instance, an advertiser could use the fact that travellers and homemakers preferred to shop in Chinatown to push out relevant content to them when they are near the area.

"The trove of data unlocks real potential for businesses to better engage with consumers on mobile by sending targeted messages to the right people who are at relevant locations for elevated results," said Anil Mathews, founder & CEO of AdNear.

AdNear currently has over 100 million user profiles across Southeast Asia, Australia and India. Besides the Singapore office, AdNear also has offices in the USA, India, Australia and Indonesia.  

AdNear infographic
Infographic on the shoppers' habit during the Chinese New Year weekend in Singapore. Click on the infographic to enlarge. Credit to AdNear.


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