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What OneNote's Math and Replay features say about the spotty state of Windows Ink

Mark Hachman | Oct. 26, 2016
Windows Ink is a great idea struggling with the realities of handwriting recognition and data wrangling.

Right now, all you can do is highlight a portion of the final ink and copy it to another region on the page or to a new OneNote page. You can’t do that while the Replay feature is running, though, and that, too, would be handy.

In any event, OneNote’s new Replay capabilities provide the jumping-off point to something better. I’m a frequent user of OneNote, and its synced audio note-taking feature is a powerful tool for almost any scenario. Replay, if developed further, might have similar potential.

Inking might have a future as well. For now, however, the first implementations of inking within Windows need further development before they’re truly useful.


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