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Whittle down application sprawl

Sandra Gittlen | March 7, 2014
When it comes to shutting down out-of-date, risky or unnecessary applications, James Gordon, vice president of technology and operations at Needham Bank, doesn't mess around.

He also doesn't consider applications an all-or-nothing proposition. Sometimes he can enable a department to keep an app, but after evaluating actual usage, reduce the number of seats. "If only two people ever log in, we don't need licensing for 20 seats," he says.

Gordon agrees that IT has to get creative in dealing with application portfolio bloat. He says something as simple as asking marketing if they need a specific font license for a limited time only, or if it's truly required in perpetuity, can save money and storage space.

But he adds there are some battles you just can't win. "Everybody has different ways to do the same thing. Even though we spot inefficiencies, in the end it's not our place to manage other people's productivity. We just have to protect the data going into and coming out of those apps," he says.


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