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Why analytics makes Tesla better than Jaguar

Rob Enderle | Aug. 11, 2014
The Tesla isn't a perfect car, especially in a market still dominated by gas guzzlers. But the company's widespread use of analytics to study its vehicles improves the customer experience and offers a lesson to automobile industry mainstays still resting on their laurels.

Two things differentiate Tesla from Jaguar in terms of customer care: Tesla captures more real-time information about its customers, and it does more with that information at an executive level. Critically, these things must work together. If Jaguar captured the data but still treated it as a waste of time and not a strategic advantage, then the time and money spent capturing and analyzing the data would be worthless and, in the case of a class action law suit, represent a liability and not an asset, as that data would then be used against the firm.

Data analytics that's timely, actionable and accurate is an asset that foolish executives can turn it into a liability. Next time you talk to a Tesla driver, don't ask about the car, ask about the customer experience. You'll be amazed. Wouldn't it be great if your customers felt the same way about your company and products?

One final thought. If you're building something as revolutionary as the Tesla electric car, good product and customer analytics may be the only real insurance against failure. You're pushing a boulder uphill and this technology is the equivalent of a rocket booster.

I can think of no better way to showcase the real power of applied analytics to a company. Makes you wonder who supplied Tesla with its data analytics solution, doesn't it?


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