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Why Southeast Asian businesses should foster a collaborative workplace

Minhaj Zia, Vice President - South East Asia, India & SAARC | Dec. 22, 2016
Organisations should start collaborating to create a healthy work environment.

5. Startups and Entrepreneurs

This has largely contributed to workplace transformation and brought innovation to cities and communities. These trends have led to co-working spaces, crowdfunding, and the hiring of freelancers to become the very essence of company culture, identity and business operations.

Unfortunately, there is huge risk attached to startups which has led to high failure rates, largely blamed on lack of market and product awareness, no knowledge of pricing, and insufficient financial responsibility. An article in the Harvard Business Review really mirrored my sentiments in this regard; it pointed out that startups and established companies would both improve their success rates if they collaborated instead of competing, by bringing their distinct skills together. 

Collaboration technology and platforms will continue to drive the spirit of innovation, keeping ideas and business concepts alive through the right connections and transfer of knowledge. However, the longevity of startups will rely on strong collaboration. 

True collaboration can deliver real value in 2017
Businesses of all sizes and industries of all types have a common thread and that it is to bring people together to get things done, have meaningful and productive exchanges, and work towards success. If all organisations, governments and individuals collaborated more in richer and meaningful ways, innovation accelerates, ideas come to life and more can be done to create a sustainable future for generations to come. Collaborative technologies have the power to democratise the global playing field and give all a voice. But we should never lose sight of strengthening human connections and that is the epicentre of why true collaboration should matter to all organisations in 2017 and beyond.


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