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Why you should invest in AI talent now

David Needle | June 12, 2017
Get HR involved now in finding people with AI skills and talent or risk being left behind, warns Mark Minevich, a leading business and government consultant.

While it's unclear how much power the new organization will - or should - have to influence product development or distribution, Minevich said the time to start building some kind of control system is now.


Security threats

"There is a potential dark side. Imagine the cyber security implications of what terrorists can do with AI. We are in the early stages and as we move to more general-purpose AI, bad actors could get involved and hijack our information. It has to be regulated and controlled," he said.

Looking farther ahead, Minevich said work is already underway that aims to converge AI with the human brain where you implant or connect an AI chip to the brain. Wherever computers are involved there is always the potential for misuse and for the system to be hacked. Minevich said those concerns are valid and that's why security and regulation is necessary.

As for the possibility of a robot revolution or AI being a threat to humanity, Minevich said:

"We have consciousness and I have not seen a single model that emulates consciousness and I don't think we will be able to any time soon."


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