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With new apps and services, IT connects deskless workers to biz

Matthew Finnegan | Nov. 11, 2017
Messaging apps and mobile services from companies like Zinc and Crew are springing up to help connect workers not bound to a desk with colleagues in the office.

Another challenge has been to make the company’s large workforce feel more engaged. By  supporting workers in their jobs, enterprise messaging apps offer a channel for businesses to share information, too – whether that be a corporate strategy update, or safety alert.

“For our deskless workers, how do we make them feel like they are a part Vivint, no matter where they are,” said Christensen. “We are able to send them more information through the devices and features that Zinc offers, which has enabled us to drive that culture to the professional level.”

While there is a case to be made for investing in tools specifically for non-office based roles, one challenge is convincing businesses to allocate money for IT projects. Castañón-Martínez, does not see this as a major stumbling block when managers see benefits first hand.                        

“It’s not as much a matter of making the case for investing in this area as much as gaining visibility for the use cases these apps cover, since it’s a group of workers that has traditionally not been covered by IT,” said Castañón-Martínez.

“What I’ve seen is that once the team leader is sold on the benefits, they don’t have a problem making the case for it with IT.”

In many cases, these tools are replacing manual processes. “When I have seen deployments of apps like Crew or Zinc, they are actually replacing bulletin boards, paper forms, walkie-talkies. So it is really a greenfield area,” said Castañón-Martínez.

“Because a lot of those processes are manual there are a lot of opportunities for automating processes and workflows and for real-time communications, which for many of them can make a huge difference.”

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