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WWDC: Why this year is different

Ryan Faas | June 3, 2011
For one thing, Apple's already announced what's coming: iCloud, Lion and iOS 5.

I'm sure we're going to get some enterprise news for iOS as well. IPads and iPhones have been marching into workplaces of all shapes and sizes. Apple will want to highlight that and will no doubt talk about the mobile device management features built into iOS 4 and the range of management consoles now on the market. We'll likely see some advances in this area as well.

Of course, iOS 5 will also take advantage of all the iCloud goodness Apple has been building. This will be huge for music, but also useful for any additional sync capabilities and access to new cloud features.

Ironically, given the popularity of the iPhone and iPad, iOS 5 may turn out to be one of the lesser parts from this year's keynote, particularly if it won't ship for some time.


Bottom line

In general, I think this is going to be a pretty major event for Apple -- I expect to see the company leapfrog its way into the cloud computing arena with some serious and polished offerings. While Lion and iOS 5 are going to be major points, iCloud is clearly going to be the showstopper as a service and a core component of each of Apple's platforms.

And I still wouldn't be surprised if there's "one more thing" no one has anticipated.


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