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7 digital transformation myths

Esther Shein | Dec. 7, 2017
A successful digital transformation can deliver significant rewards. But these common misconceptions can undermine your company’s ability to achieve desired results.

“I really don’t know that very many organizations do a post evaluation” on a technology deployment to glean what it has done for them and what the ROI is, Doggendorf observes.

It takes a very mature environment to also be able to say when the data proved something wrong, he says.

In the case of the phone system, the data just didn’t “validate that we’re going down the right path.” For example, if the data were to be analyzed, he says, officials could determine where a lead came from and how many touchpoints it might take to convert them into a season ticketholder, he says.

“So many people are talking about AI and this and that,’’ Doggendorf says. “To me, there’s so much hype in that stuff. It’s cool, but none of it is worth a dang if you don’t have the people to look at it. It’s not a plug-and-play world.”

He also believes in the advice author Stephen Covey has about “begin with the end in mind. Know what you’re trying to do on tech and business side. That’s how you need to attack any digital thing,” Doggendorf says. Otherwise, “you’re just spending money on new cool toys. It’s the Christmas present you thought you wanted and got, but it sucks.”

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