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Dimension Data optimises IT for Oclaro Technology

Anuradha Shukla | June 1, 2011
Designs and builds a new architecture based on virtualisation technology.

Dimension Data is helping Shenzhen based Oclaro Technology to design and build a new architecture based on virtualisation technology.

This deal is aimed to optimise IT infrastructure utilisation while simplifying the management of computing resources throughout Oclaro Technology.

Oclaro Technology manufactures and markets electronic components for companies from a diverse range of industries including telecommunications, consumer electronics and medical and scientific applications.

Prior to selecting Dimension Data, Oclaro was challenged by performance degradation on some of its legacy production servers. Also, other more advanced servers assigned to other departments were under-utilised.

Dimension Data conducted a detailed assessment of the problems and identified virtualisation as the most viable option for the new infrastructure. It also identified the existing servers that could support multiple virtual machines, the optimum ratio of virtual machines (VM) versus physical servers, VM licensing issues, and the operational and business benefits that virtualisation would bring to Oclaro Technology.

Cost savings

 Oclaro is very optimistic about the consolidation exercise and expects it will result in a 30 per cent reduction in utility charges and a 10 per cent decrease in office rent as a result of a data centre with a lower carbon footprint. Oclaro estimates that the new solution will pay for itself in six months through the expected cost savings.

"We were very impressed by the depth of experience and technical knowledge which Dimension Data possessed. They patiently walked us through the details of the consolidation exercise and made sure we understood the impact to our operations every step of the way," said Peter Fryers, CIO, Oclaro Technology (Shenzhen) (FFTZ) Co. Ltd.

The carefully designed architecture seamlessly integrated technologies from HP, Cisco, VMware and Symantec. Dimension Data developed a step-by-step migration plan complete with checklist and progress reports. Dimension Data also detailed change management and risk management strategies, as such a consolidation exercise would involve many people and impact a lot of processes.

"We evaluated a number of technologies and how each would weave into the new architecture. We developed a pilot project to show Oclaro what the proposed solution would be like and how it affected the applications the company was using. Finally, we showcased a failover scenario to highlight the value of a strong business continuity strategy," said Francis Yip, General Manager for Dimension Data China.

"The consolidation exercise enabled us to significantly improve the way IT supported current business growth. More importantly, we believe that the new architecture gives us a realistic roadmap to reap the benefits of cloud computing in the future," added Fryers.


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