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Emerson claims its DCMI Platform achieves 100 % ROI in 13 months

Ike Suarez | March 31, 2014
Claim is based on Forrester Consulting Study

Citing findings of a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, Emerson Network Power has claimed its data centre infrastructure management (DCMI) platform can enable customers to achieve 100 %  return on investment (ROI) in 13 months.

A press statement by the Columbus, Ohio-based provider of security solutions for technology infrastructure said it had commissioned  Forrester Consulting, a research/consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to do the study.

Tool Development

To do so, Forrester Consulting first had to develop a tool to determine ROI and cost savings as a result of having used the DCIM platform.

The research firm achieved this by first interviewing 12 Emerson customers who shared data needed to develop the tool.

Once developed, Forrester Consulting then chose for analysis a global bank customer with offices in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.

The customer had three data centres, including one for disaster recovery, whose total size came up to 6,135 square feet.

The ROI analysis found that altogether, the customer captured US $ 1.6 million in total benefits in three years.

Increasing availability for critical systems was a primary goal for the customer, according to the statement.

The DCIM platform did so by increasing availability to 20 hours per year, capturing over US $ 1.2 million in downtime-related costs over the three year period.

Some other savings realized were the following:

  • US $ 39,000 a year through centralized management of the data centres
  • US $ 95,000 savings in building expenses for a new data centre whose construction was enabled by the implementation of remote management
  • U $ 11,000 savings a year due to increased productivity.
  • Us $ 10,600 savings a year due to reductions in power consumption and related energy costs

The press statement said Emerson Network Power could also use the Forrester-developed tool to provide DCIM customers a similar analysis to justify DCIM expenditures.



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