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Hong Kong, the next regional data centre hub

Anuradha Shukla | July 4, 2013
Creating energy efficiencies can make it competitive, says data centre player Enlogic.

Hong Kong can become the region's most competitive data centre hub by being energy efficient.

Data centre specialist Enlogic notes that energy efficiency is the biggest challenge faced by data centres and this can be addressed by leveraging fourth-generation technology.

Hong Kong is a natural choice as a data centre hub due to its geographically compact location. The city boasts a world class Internet infrastructure and access to plenty of energy but has to struggle keeping the running costs of data centre low.

These running costs have to be low enough to compete with regional rivals so that Hong Kong can leverage its pluses and become the region's most competitive data centre hub.

“Legislation and international agreements are increasing the pressure on data centre personnel to rapidly reduce the energy used and carbon produced by the company's IT facilities," said Eddie Desouza, head of business operations for APAC, Enlogic. "Technology has a key role to play in meeting this goal.” 

Emerging energy crisis 

Data centres are currently facing an emerging energy crisis due to several factors such as increasing energy costs and IT complexity. In addition, these facilities also have to follow government mandates to restrict carbon emissions.

Enlogic develops intelligent energy metering Power Distribution Units (PDUs), a critical component in the fight against data centre energy waste.

The company’s PDUs and environmental sensors actively monitor the data centre environment and are designed to continually search for threats from electrical circuit overloads and conditions which may jeopardise the smooth functioning of IT computing loads.

Data centre and facilities managers can leverage the Enlogic PDU to make informed capacity planning decisions and improve uptime. This technology also helps them to measure PUE (power usage effectiveness) and support green initiatives.

“Making the right PDU choice is critical to helping solve rack energy management problems, and Enlogic is confident that our advanced technology and expertise can guide the industry through a potential energy crisis,” said Desouza. “Not only do we provide the right tools for local companies to meet their IT objectives, but they also have the potential to help Hong Kong flourish as a regional data centre hub.” 


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