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IBM offers smarter computing for emerging markets

Anuradha Shukla | Aug. 18, 2011
Introduces zEnterprise 114, a powerful version of its scalable mainframe zEnterprise System.

IBM is advancing smarter computing for companies and governments in emerging markets and mid-sized clients around the world by introducing a powerful version of its scalable mainframe zEnterprise System.

New IBM zEnterprise Mainframe Server is extending the mainframe's innovation and unique qualities to companies and governments in emerging markets in Asia, Africa and elsewhere.  

IBM introduced the zEnterprise System to world's largest banks, insurance companies and governments in July 2010. 

Designed for mid-sized organizations, the new IBM zEnterprise 114 mainframe server costs 25 percent less and is touted to offer up to 25 percent more performance than its predecessor, the System z10 BC server.

Emerging markets are currently experiencing rapid growth in new services for banking, retail, mobile devices, government services and other areas.

The zEnterprise 114 is right for these organisations as they need smart computing to operate in an efficient manner.

Dramatic savings

The new release is expected to help mid-sized enterprises and clients to consolidate workloads from 40 x-86 processors running Oracle software onto a new z114 with just three processors running Linux3.

IBM claims that the total costs for hardware, software and support on the new z114 as compared to consolidated servers can be up to 80 percent less over a three-year period.

Thanks to the z114, users can start with smaller configurations and access additional capacity built into the server as needed. To achieve this goal, clients will not have to increase the data centre footprint or systems management complexity and cost. 

Moreover, the z114 can also consolidate workloads from hundreds of x86 servers, claims IBM.  


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