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Investment landscape changes for Singapore data centres

Anuradha Shukla | Oct. 15, 2014
The nation prioritises sustainability, better use of space and reduced operating costs.

Singapore data centres have changed their investment priorities and are now focusing on sustainability, better use of space and reduced operating costs.

These investment drivers have changed during 2014-2015 compared to the same period a year before, according to Datacentre Dynamics' 2014 Data Centre Asia Pacific Census.

Demand from consumers in Singapore has changed and they now want more out of data centre performance this year.

The total data centre space is expected to grow 2.74% to 740,000 sq meters between 2014 and 2015. This represents a decrease as this percentage was 6.57% a year ago.

"This is a market where data centres account for 1% of the total land area and 7% of electricity consumption.  It needs to make every square metre and kW count," said Dedric Lam, CEO, Asia Pacific, DatacentreDynamics. "Therefore the game is changing from asset growth to adding value and the deployment of new technologies and architectures gives Singapore operators a chance to stay ahead.  But with these technologies the window of opportunity is short and this creates the flux of new drivers on the charts."

More racks in 2015

There will be 10% more racks in 2015 even though there will be a slowdown in space requirements.

This means data centres will be more densely packed per sq meter in future as there was only an 8.11% increase in racks from 2013 to 2014.

More power-efficient servers are being installed in Singapore data centres these days and this has led to a decrease in growth in power requirements to 1.15 million kW in the 2014-2015 period against 1.1 million kW in 2013-2014.

86% of data centres in Singapore are being monitored continuously on their energy consumption, 76% on energy efficiency and 57% are monitored continuously for server utilization.

"Singapore has one of the highest levels of concern about energy costs while capacity does not appear to be rising that sharply. The Singapore market has very high expectations about the performance and excellence of its data centres," said Dedric Lam, CEO, Asia Pacific, DatacentreDynamics. "With a myriad of new issues like big data, legislation and sustainability coming to the fore, data centre managers have a busy year ahead."


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