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Power and cooling in the age of the 'hypescale' data center

Sharon Florentine | April 29, 2014
With Intelligent Foundation, Emerson Power claims it delivers a more efficient, reliable, scalable and secure data center.

"We can take away a lot of the mundane tasks that used to be done by networking teams, application teams and even by management, and let them focus on thinking strategically and handling major technology and service issues, not on the minutia and the mundane," he says.

Heightened Security

Because Intelligent Foundation exists behind a firewalled, Quirk says, single-IP access point, security is baked into the solution. Policies can be written at the device level to not only alert administrators when patches and updates are needed, but also to automate the redress of simple issues,. This can also be a great selling point for potential customers, he adds.

"When you get right down to it, data centers exist to connect users to applications, and anything that takes away from delivering that service-level agreement (SLA) to your customers is not productive," Quirk says.

"But because Intelligent Foundation does the monitoring and alerting, you can deliver a higher SLA and a better customer experience," Quirk says. "Not only that, but how many data center operators are always on top of patches, BIOS code, firmware updates?" The amount of time and effort to manage and maintain those updates is astronomical, so being able to automate some of those tasks is a huge relief, says Quirk.

Because Intelligent Foundation is policy based, it can also help data centers defend against common intrusion attacks and other attempts to exploit vulnerabilities, Quirk says.

"By setting policies that send alerts when server vulnerabilities are found, for instance, it can be quick and simple to patch those," he says. "And by patching quickly, and then distributing changes across the data center, you're extending the time it takes hackers to find a vulnerability. And the longer it takes them, the more likely they are to be caught. All around — the reliability, the efficiency, the security — Intelligent Foundation is a great way to give your customers a better SLA," Quirk says.


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