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Real-user monitoring times three

Beth Schultz | March 14, 2011
Correlsense boosts Express, Enterprise and Cloud editions of its SharePath RUM software

FRAMINGHAM, 14 MARCH 2011 - Network and systems management companies of all sorts continue beating the visibility drum as enterprise interest and investment in private cloud infrastructure and public cloud services increases.

One of the latest among them is Correlsense, a business transaction management (BTM) provider known for its real-user monitoring (RUM) product, SharePath. RUM products aim at isolating problems and pinpointing bottlenecks in the data center, network or applications for fixes before user impact.

Correlsense has boosted its SharePath RUM portfolio with a Cloud edition that lets enterprise IT managers monitor application service levels in private and public cloud environments. On the public cloud side, it's starting with applications running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances, says Oren Elias, CEO of Correlsense.

In addition, Correlsense also has formally launched SharePath RUM Express, which had been available for download since late last year, and an Enterprise edition. "The idea is to let IT managers see everything starting at click of a user through the entire topology," Elias says.

Delivered metrics include the time a transaction takes to complete, the speed at which the data center processes user requests, the network delays between the end user and the data center, and the time it takes a browser to render a Web page.

"We're really tying together what happens on the desktop and user side with the network and the data center and providing a deep dive and, later, analysis with capacity planning, cost allocation and more," Elias says.

And, he says, Correlsense does so at a fraction of the cost -- up to 85% less -- of competitive systems from traditional BTM providers.

Priced on a subscription model, the Enterprise edition starts at $1,100 per Web server and ramps on down from there, depending on number of Web servers and applications supported, Elias says. What enterprises might pay $100,000 for from larger BTM players would cost $15,000 from Correlsense, he says.

"The thought behind our pricing," Elias explains, "is that even if a company already had a product, this is more affordable than renewing maintenance."

SharePath RUM Express is available free for download. This perpetual license supports two Web servers and one application.


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