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Solar power solutions introduced in Malaysia

AvantiKumar | April 26, 2011
Schneider Electric's solar power solutions could generate more than US$23 billion and create 52,000 'green collar' jobs for Malaysia.

Schneider Electric launches power solutions in Malaysia

PHOTO - From left: Mok Kam Meng, Energy Efficiency Manager, Services & Project Division, Schneider Electric; Terence Lim, Managing Director, TRNCO, Ungku Abdul Rahman bin Ungku Abdul Hamid, CEO, Maxim EnergyResources, Max Tham, Managing Director, Kemuning Structures and, Peter Cave- Malaysia Country President, Schneider Electric.

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 APRIL 2011-Power and cooling solutions firm Schneider Electric estimates that upwards of RM70 billion [US$23.36 billion] could be generated by the adoption of its new solar power solutions.

"With all eyes on the recently passed Renewable Energy [RE] Bill 2010, discussions are quickly turning to how Solar Photovoltaic [PV] projects could be implemented in Malaysia," said Schneider Electric Malaysia Country President, Peter Cave. "It's the perfect time to demonstrate the importance of renewable energy sources to not only reduce the burden of energy costs on the economy, but also impact our carbon footprint and prevent an 'energy dilemma.'"

Cave said that with the passing of the RE Bill 2010, the Malaysian government demonstrated its recognition that developing a sustainable source of renewable energy is an urgent issue. "The Feed-in Tariff system proposed by this legislation would allow Malaysians to sell renewable energy generated to a Distribution Licensee, such as Tenaga Nasional Bhd [TNB]-thus creating a strong incentive to adopt solar PV technology."

"Not only does solar PV power address environmental issues by reducing carbon emissions, but it also has a significant economic impact for the country," he said. "It is expected that a minimum of RM70 billion [US$23.36 billion] can be generated from the operation of renewable energy power plants, which leads to a tax income of RM1.75 billion [US$0.58 billion] for the government. Additionally, about 52,000 'green collar' jobs will be created to construct, operate and maintain these plants."

"According to Malaysia's power provider TNB, the power demand in the country is expected to rise 5 percent annually from 2011 to 2015, and without strong renewable energy policies in place, Malaysia will soon be confronted with an energy dilemma," said Cave. "However, Malaysia can reduce its dependence on finite resources, such as coal and oil which currently account for 85 percent of its electricity generation, by using solar PV power to meet this growing demand."

The company also announced the official appointment of Schneider Electric's new Solar Photovoltaic system integrators in Malaysia-Maxim Energy, Kemuning Structures and Trnco.

Only Solar PV Inverter Manufacturer in Malaysia

"With regional and global success in providing solar PV systems, Schneider Electric is the only Solar PV inverter manufacturer with a direct presence in Malaysia and strong history of helping Malaysian clients 'make the most of their energy,'" said Cave. "This new solution integrates the specialties of Schneider Electric's three system integrators in roofing, PV panels and off-grid projects to provide a complete turnkey solution."

"We at Schneider Electric understand that switching to solar PV power is not an overnight process," he said.  "However, waiting longer to implement solutions that are currently available in the market, such as those highlighted today, will only lead to larger problems in the future. To address climate change and the rising costs of energy, we must take the knowledge of what works and use it to build a strong solar PV industry in Malaysia."


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