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Tech evolution creates opportunities for CIOs

Trevor Clarke (via AFR) | Feb. 25, 2013
The rise of mobile consumer devices means companies are adding new IT procurement models to the mix, and this means that information technology departments are expanding their reach.

There has also been a steady, but not precipitous, shift from desktop computers towards notebooks.

And many large enterprises - such as South Australia Health - have extended their PC refresh cycle from a three or four years to five years.

However, while the centrality of PCs to work in Australia is under serious threat, if not already displaced in many industries, they are still very much an important part of the device mix and are expected to be for some time yet.

There are clearly more elements at play in both of these prominent examples.

But by and large what they do show is that rather than replacing existing IT procurement models, they are adding to the mix. And this means an expanded reach and exposure of IT within organisations.

Does this mean Australian companies are doing more with less or focusing on cost management?

Not necessarily. Some of the largest vendors are indicating a positive outlook on spending, matched by research firms' forecasts; Gartner tips a rise of 3.25 per cent in enterprise spending this year.

"IBM expects organisations to greatly lift their ICT investment in front, middle and back offices," IBM ANZ managing director Andrew Stevens says.

So will it be constant disruption and innovation from cloud, mobility, social and big data?

Yes, and no.

Perhaps the constant evolution of expanding IT possibilities is more accurate.


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