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The 'single control plane’ in HP's SDN

AvantiKumar | Oct. 30, 2012
According to HP Malaysia, it is first in the industry to present a complete SDN solution to increase network agility.

Raymond Ooi, Country Manager, HP Networking modified

Photo - Raymond Ooi, Country Manager, HP Networking, HP Malaysia.


Minimising human errors through a "single control plane" helps to abstract, programme and automate the entire network, which increases agility and enhances management, according to technology solutions provider HP Malaysia.

HP Malaysia country manager, networking, Raymond Ooi said HP is the first in the industry to offer open standards software defined network (SDN) technologies for all three critical layers-infrastructure, control software and application-to simplify networks and improve agility across the enterprise. "These layers create a complete, open SDN hardware and software solution that provides a single point of control for the entire network."

"In the cloud era, clients need a single point of control for the entire network, which enables them to deploy any application or service directly to the user within minutes," said Ooi. "Only HP provides clients with a complete software-defined network solution that automates manual configuration tasks across hardware, software and applications and from data center to desktop through a single control plane." 

He said that as companies move to cloud and other computing environments, manual configuration of networks through command-line interface (CLI) coding has proven to be error prone, as well as time and resource intensive.

"SDN overlay-point products offer a centralised control plane, but fall short by not enabling automated configuration of network infrastructure or providing SDN applications to roll out new services for campus and branch networks. This incomplete approach creates complexity and unnecessary manual coding requirements," said Ooi.

"The new HP technologies announced cover all layers by including an SDN controller, SDN applications, SDN services and solutions that further strengthen HP's Virtual Application Networks strategy," he said.

"As a result, clients can achieve the full potential of SDN technologies through the abstraction, programming and automation of their network to improve scalability and agility, while simplifying the deployment of applications and services." Ooi said.

 Virtual Application Networks strategy

By leveraging SDN-enabled infrastructure, single control plane, applications and integrated management systems, HP is creating an open ecosystem - Virtual Applications Networks strategy," said Ooi, adding that to drive new innovation in networking, HP is providing open interfaces for 3rd party integration as well as end-to-end solutions for the following:

- Single-pane-of glass management for automation of infrastructure
- Open programmable access to infrastructure with OpenFlow
- Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller for centralised control plane
- SDN applications for Data Centre, Campus and Branch
- Offers open APIs for customers and 3rd parties to build applications and allows for business applications to interface directly with the controller for network-aware applications.

"To solve the challenges created by legacy networks, organisations need the ability to automate the network from end to end by leveraging SDN to abstract the control plane from the physical infrastructure," said Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst, Joe Skorupa. "For maximum performance, utilisation and simplicity, customers must ensure that there is a suite of SDN technologies across the entire network, from the hardware infrastructure to the control plane to the applications, and also from the data centre to the desktop; in order to move beyond today's complexities and improve business agility across the enterprise."

Solutions and availability:

- HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller is expected to be available worldwide by the second half of 2013.
- HP Virtual Cloud Networks Application is expected to be available worldwide in by the second half of 2013.
- HP Sentinel Security Application is currently available as an early access program to select customers. 
- OpenFlow support is currently available on HP Networking switches as a software upgrade. 
- HP SDN services will be available worldwide early 2013. Pricing varies according to location and implementation.


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