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We'll Always Have Waste

F.Y. Teng | Aug. 3, 2010
A discussion of the reality of data centres powered by manure from dairy cows, and the potential of human waste as a renewable source of energy.

Would you say that this manure is superior in many ways to other renewable energy sources?
First, I believe that we are going to have to use everything in our energy technology book. All these energy technologies that weve talked about were first developed in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. All we have to do is ask our parents, who used to know this. Were talking about really a return of old school engineering. We havent paid our respects to our parents or grandparents for all the hard work they have put into building these various energy conversion technologies.

The way I see it, we will have to use all kinds of energy conversion technologies in a microgrid format to solve the worlds energy problem. Having said that, there are certain places like Singapore, which may not be as blessed as some others when it comes to harnessing and using energy from the sun and the wind. However, Singapore is a very planned nation with a sophisticated waste water treatment plant where there is aggregation of waste that can generate methane. Because of that large aggregation and the steady supply of waste it receives, I am convinced theres potential there for the development of an alternative energy source.


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