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1&1 introduces new top-level domains including .london, .shop and .web

Jim Martin | July 4, 2013
New domain names can be pre-ordered through new 1&1 portal and should prove attractive to new and existing businesses and website owners. The so-called gTLDs include .london, .rugby, .shop and .web

1&1 has launched a new portal where you can pre-order the latest range of domain names for your website. Currently, there isn't all that much choice when it comes to top-level domains, which include .com and Clever use of less well-known country domains such as .be means that companies can create shorter and more memorable addresses such as but now things are set to get a lot more interesting.

The new domains will see plenty of new URL endings such as .london, .restaurant, .rugby, .shop and .web. Using 1&1's portal, you can advice and news as well as registering your interest on the subject. The new domains will play an important role in determining future online identity and so will become increasingly important for businesses to consider.

More than 1,000 new gTLD domains will be introduced over the next three years, so as well as using a country specific domain, such as, websites can also identify themselves by more specific regions, website type, business sector or other factors.

The launch will mean a less crowded Internet, as there will be a far greater range of options for internet addresses. 1&1 recommends business owners and individuals should make a free pre-order of domains early.

1&1's new pre-order portal allows you to browse the new domain endings and make a risk-free pre-order for a domain name of your choice. Note that a pre-order does not guarantee that a domain will be purchased.

Robert Hoffmann, CEO of Hosting at 1&1 said, "A new era in Internet addresses promises great opportunities for every business online. However, research released in March shows that the majority of SMEs are still unaware of the launch of new gTLDs. 1&1's new pre-order portal comprises an excellent resource for website owners to learn about their options, pre-order their new domains now, and benefit from 1&1's global scale and competence with domain registration".

Recently, search engines have begun to detail how their algorithms will be adapted so that new gTLDs will index as highly as regular domain endings. The largest have indicated that if a new domain is reflective of a website's content, it will indeed become a key ingredient in their delivering of the most relevant search results for consumers.

That means it's well worth browsing and registering interest in new domains that are relevant to your site.


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