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14 email marketing mistakes to avoid

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | Dec. 15, 2016
Email marketers and small business owners share their tips on how to decrease the likelihood of your emails being immediately deleted by prospective and existing customers.

Mistake No. 14: Poor email list hygiene.

“Like brushing your teeth, email list hygiene comes down to cleaning and maintaining everything that goes into your database,” explains Madden. “While this takes time and attention, it’s still an important and necessary step for smaller businesses. With the proper hygiene practices in place, you can clean up your database over time to maintain a healthy email list, which means better results.”

Madden’s tips for properly maintaining email lists:

  • Weed out soft-bounced emails.
  • Remove emails not associated with a person (@info, etc). 
  • Run a re-engagement campaign to target users who haven’t been active in six months or more to determine who still wants to hear from you.


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