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Another Facebook user revolt on the horizon? Of course!

Eric Mack | Sept. 26, 2011
How will Facebook users react to the huge changes soon to land at the world's largest social network? Anecdotal evidence suggests, not well.

"Organized chaos or shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. I pick the latter. It's not working for me," comments Heather Carey on the PCWorld Facebook page.

A handful of people that responded to our request said they were excited about the new features, and others didn't understand what has so many people in a tizzy.

"Really don't get why everyone's complaining," wrote Ted Geistlinger in the comment stream. "In the end it'll be for the best. I don't feel sorry for people who are complaining that the free service that they aren't obligated to use is making minorly inconveniencing changes."

Such complaints are a familiar refrain, one that was heard years ago when Facebook introduced the idea of status updates, and when that was expanded to the News Feed. Today, both concepts are part of the daily lives of almost one-sixth of humanity. Will we all come around to the new Facebook? Or is the social network sinking under its own weight? What do you think?



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